I have the roar of a lion inside of me. I will not shy away from change. I will face whatever change comes my way with courage and strength. I will push the boundaries and break the borders in pursuit of exploring the unknown. I will take a sledge hammer and dismantle the pillars of my belief system to allow room for a far grander structure to arise. One that is more dynamic and is subject to change at any time. A structure made out of flexible materials that can change into any shape or form imaginable. One that craves expansion and growth but can be completely wiped away in a second. I will not confine myself to the idea that I am only the form I see in the mirror. My energy is strong and my power to create is limitless. I am a healer with endless love to fill myself up with and spread to others. I allow myself to take pride in my achievements and be humbled by my mistakes. I am a being made out of pure love and pure love is where I will return.

I am gentle with my child-like self as I heal. I honor my healing with love, respect, and forgiveness. I recognize the significance of my path as well as the unique significance of other’s path. To think that my path is any more or less important is a complete fallacy. I respect other’s journeys as I wish for mine to be respected. I see the love in a tiger’s eye, a baby’s smile, a beautiful sunset, and a vast forest of untouched jungle. I recognize all beautiful things in the world as a part of myself. I honor the deep connection shared between every organic and inorganic object in the universe. I send gratitude to every thing in existence, for if it should not exist, then neither shall I. Everything I need and I will ever need already lies inside of me. The same love that created the Universe is abundant inside of me.

I feel the chaos of the world inside of me too. I feel the deep pain of the collective that is being experienced because it is as much a part of me as all of the beauty. Although, physically I am removed from the chaos, I am connected internally to the chaos of the world. I cannot turn a blind eye to the collective pain and suffering. In these intense moments of darkness that I experience myself and we are all experiencing together, I will call upon the power of love and healing. I continue to remain hopeful, even when it seems that all hope is lost. I continue to broaden my love and understanding of others, even when there seems to be no reason. I will not bow my head in fear in response to recent and ongoing events of the human experience.

I challenge others to break out of their limiting thought process that we only are what we perceive with our physical eyes. Our souls do not hold color. In the end we all return to the same place. We are no more or less connected to each other than we are with our own family members. We ARE affected by what’s going on in other countries whether we even know about it or not.

I challenge myself and others to rise beyond the intense programming of fear that has been incorporated into our daily lives. The more we function out of fear, the more we continue to facilitate the chaos in the world ourselves. To think that we as individuals are not equally responsible for the chaos that we are creating around us is an illusion. We need to take responsibility for the world that we are creating. We all have the equal, powerful ability to create. Love always prevails, even in the darkest of times.

Set your fears aside and let go of your hate. Connect with the love inside of you and help others connect with theirs. Do this regardless of where someone comes from, the color of their skin, their political beliefs, or religious beliefs. The sooner we recognize that we are all a part of this collective experience together, the sooner we can start to heal ourselves and the world we live in.

AHO! 🌎



3 thoughts on “Mantras to Self and to the World

  1. Reblogged this on mysoulsintent and commented:
    Your sharings here have left me utterly breathless as they and you are priceless indeed and and a most cherished gift to me and all the UNIVERSES!!! Namaste awesome scribe, healer and soon to be new Mother of one whowill no doubt be yet another incredible being to grace our worlds!!!! NAMASTE blessed SOUL! xoxoxoxo


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